building studios, not galleries

As is tradition, I redesigned my portfolio recently.

To say this site is a work-in-progress is a miscategorization—that phrase implies that there is some "complete" stage that I will eventually reach. Compared to previous redesigns, I've taken the philosophy that this time, my portfolio site is a studio, not a gallery.

What does that mean?

A gallery is a product itself. There's immense amounts of thoughts put into the design, structure, and organization of the whole thing behind the scenes, and then one day a reveal and a public unveiling. Huge overhauls, meant to stay mostly static except for some changing content. Every time I've updated my website before, even to add a new project, I usually re-architected the whole thing.

A studio is a working space. It's a realm of exploration, of creativity. The best thing about a personal site is that it's a public home on the internet you own completely—I could add a (if it wasn't deprecated) just for fun. I could write the whole page in pure html, or use next.js like I am now.

A studio is a place where we can freely display our in-progress work. It's meant to be a little messsy, a little replicative of our mind. In fact, I think I can do a better job of making this site reflect that even more. For now, I intend to just add or change things here and there over time. Ship of Theseus-style.

Build studios, not galleries.