VibeSpace (2021)

re-envisioning 'Internet homes' from the early 2000s

Indian Star News Branding (2021)

Branding for modern news service targeting the indian diaspora

ENGL 1102 Multimodal Essay

A literature essay in web form, taking advantage of digital multimodality

Ogrecraft Minecraft Server Graphics

Collection of graphics for large public mineraft server

Nintendo Switch UI Redesign (2019)

A modern redesign of the Switch OS

5WH Branding

Branding for a modern journalist platform

Nintendo Switch UI Experiments (2018)

10-Foot UI Experiments with layout and branding

Xbox One UX Redesign

A focused redesign of the infamous Xbox One UI

Nintendo Switch UI Concept (2017)

An early visualization of a potential Nintendo Switch UI

Halo 5 Menu Redesign (2016)

Efficient redesign of the Halo 5 game menus