om jha

I’m a designer, computationalist, and artist exploring new ways to intersect humanity with technology.

Currently, I’m studying Computer Science at Georgia Tech (🐝 ’24) in Atlanta, Georgia.

Most recently, I’ve
  • worked with Design Bloc, a VIP program at GT, with faculty and the ADID on a (super) cool user research project at Woodruff Park in Downtown Atlanta
  • designed and developed at Indian Star News, a news service targeting the Indian Diaspora
  • am wearing many hats (Inventing, Designing, Advertising, Computing) at 5WH, a platform that’s aiming to redefine the way journalists find work and the way media organizations find news for the 21st century
  • desiging and posting art on twitter and instagram
  • playing guitar!

I’m particularly interested incontact me at!